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1st Jan 1970

B.I. Electrical - Translink Framework Award

B.I. Electrical have expanded their horizons within the industry with a place on the Translink electrical contractors framework, as the principal choice within a group of four.

This enables B.I. Electrical to cary out maintenance and minor capital woks on all Northern Ireland Railways, Ulsterbus, Metro and NITHC sites, with the further inclusion on a select list within the framework for all larger capital works, tenders and procurements for electrical and associated works accross the estate.

This contract framework will emcompass the various elements of the translink network throughout Northern Ireland for at least the next two years with two extensions to this period a viable prospect.

The Contract was formally initiated July 2013, and will include individual projects in excess of £500,000, and is a significant step in the securing the future, diversity and development of the company.