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1st Jan 1970



A Belfast-based electrical engineering company has become the first company from Northern Ireland to be elected to a prestigious global body for electrical safety, it was announced today.

B.I. Electrical Services, a specialist in commercial and industrial electrical installations, are set to make history by becoming the first electrical contractor to represent the sector at the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users (FISUEL).

The global body whose 31 members are made up of safety bodies from Spain to Singapore will see BI Electrical contributing to discussions on how electrical standards are safeguarded across the world.

BI Electrical Services board member Jim Speirs, represented B.I. Electrical Services at its first meeting in Warsaw, Poland in November, said that opportunity to become an active member of FISUEL will provide a voice for UK electrical contractors at a global forum where key decisions of electrical safety are made.   He added:

“FISUEL is the preeminent body for electrical safety across the world. Just being part of this body will significant increase our ability to promote the standardisation of international safety standards. Electrical safety continues to play a critical role in our business and is reflected in the demand for our services in international markets such as China.”

FISUEL was set up in 2002 and advises states across the world on the standardisation electrical installation. President of FISUEL Patricia Yerfino speaking from Argentina said that the addition of BI Electrical will ensure that electrical contractors are better represented on the important matters of electrical safety. She said:

"In the coming decades we will go through a change of paradigm regarding the generation and use of energy. The professionals involved will have to focus their actions to spread and establish electrical safety concepts to guarantee the safe, efficient and rational use of energy. Among the key sectors of the electricity market, which will contribute greatly to the diffusion and application of these concepts, are electrical contractors. That is why I want to highlight the important task that the electrical contractors carry out and I feel enthusiastic about the prospect of a fruitful joint work. I believe BI Electricals work in representing electrical contractors will be vital to this task ahead.”

The new role for BI Electrical comes on the back of a report by industry analysts Plimsoll, who name B.I. Electrical Services as one of the top performing UK companies consistently across sales growth, best trading partners, pre-tax profit margin for a second year in a row. The report ranks B.I. Electrical Services as the number 1 electrical contractor in the UK for pre-tax profit and as the 10th fastest growing electrical contractor in the UK. The analyst report names B.I. Electrical Services as the only Northern Ireland Company to be ranked alongside industry leaders in the top 5 places for growth across the UK’s Electrical Contractors industry.